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argy-bargy [ahr-gee-bahr-gee]

-noun, plural -gies. Chiefly British Slang
1. a lively or disputatious discussion.
2. a verbal dispute; a wrangling argument

1595–1605; argle-bargle


Reasons to be cheerful

There are many reasons to be cheerful in regard to the marionette theatre:


Firstly; although it is work it is better than work


Freedom of choice is the primary advantage of the marionettist such as

being able to choose what shows to put on without reference to any outside body.


Characters to suit the chosen piece can be formed in the manner chosen by

the marionettist.


The audience, who have made the effort to see a marionette performance

more often than not return to see another one. More than that, having been

taken to a marionette show as a child, they take their children to one when

a parent.


The art is not ephemeral as the same production can be repeated, in exactly

the same form, years after the first performance.


The invention of digital sound recording makes high quality sound available.

Actors and composers, of the highest calibre, can be engaged to make quality

sound tracks.


The intensity of the small stage makes for subtle productions as every detail

is on display unfettered by human ego.


Detailed lighting is made possible due to the scale of the presentation.


A marionette spectacle is as close to the equivalent of fine art as film is and

is closer than any other visual medium including the actors theatre.


The scale of the marionette theatre forces an advantage in the carbon usage

of the entertainment.


The investment in the making and presentation of a marionette spectacle is

not a losing investment as the same production can be presented time and

again unlike the actors theatre.


Wonderful classic texts and poetry can be presented where this would not

be possible in the actors theatre. The enjoyment gained from the study and

research of these texts is not possible to buy.


Given the economics, writers can be commissioned to write scripts especially

for the marionette stage.


A show can entertain both young and old at the same sitting. This makes for

good communication between the ages.


It is comparatively easy to start a permanent marionette theatre compared with

that of an actor’s theatre but you need a good cross section of skills.